Learning about International News and Culture (LINC)

LINC Program

The Learning about International News and Culture (LINC) program allows students to share their cultural experiences. Participants may include:

  • International students to share their home country, language and culture
  • Study abroad students to share their experiences abroad

Participants will:

  • Meet with students that may be working on class projects
  • Give a short presentation for a professor's class
  • Discuss their culture with someone who may want to learn more about a specific culture or language
  • Only participants' name, country and email will be shared with the EMU student or professor requesting information.

What happens after I signup?

You are automatically entered into our database of participants. If OISS gets contacted by someone in the EMU community, we will share your information with the student or professor and let you know we have given your information out. Each summer, the database will be cleared and students can choose whether or not to participate the next year.

If you are a student or professor looking to contact a participant, please email ois@emich.edu with your name, contact information, project or class description. This program is open to the Eastern Michigan Community only.

If you are interested in discussing your culture or sharing about your study abroad experience, please complete the online form at:https://docs.google.com/a/emich.edu/forms/d/1jobhECQnKrvKaSYK1XxiLHy3Gtx553Gu9DQtFrA-cYU/viewform

LINC Application