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Every year about 400 new international students come to Eastern Michigan University to study, and there are approximately 1,000 international students that call EMU home. International students come to EMU currently from about 87 countries and study at the graduate and undergraduate level. If you are considering attending Eastern Michigan University, the Office of International Admissions can help you with the process and requirements. EMU has many different programs for undergraduate and graduate students. To learn more, visit their website!

We have over 200 undergraduate programs and 180 graduate programs for students to choose from. The EMU Online Catalog lets you view all programs and courses! When choosing a program, be sure to read through all the information listed so you can decide which program fits you best before you apply. If you ever need to change programs, it's easiest to change before you are admitted and come to campus. If you need advice on choosing programs you can also contact program coordinators and faculty in various programs.

To view courses, academic programs, and information on these programs at EMU, please visit the catalog at:

If you have questions regarding our ESL programs, both intensive and concurrent with your program, you may contact our ESL Department. Their website is:

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Office of International Admissions
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Phone: 734-487-0205

Graduate School:
Visit the Graduate School here to find your academic advisor

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