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Learning Outcomes


Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will learn how to better understand and resolve institutional conflicts through the appropriate systems and processes, utilizing tools and knowledge obtained from working with the Office of the Ombuds.
  2. Students will learn how to effectively communicate and resolve conflicts while feeling valued and heard in the communication process.
  3. Students will become cognizant of the environment they create and its impact on, and relationship with, the University community.
  4. Students will actively participate in University processes required to resolve Academic/Non-Academic concerns.
  5. Students will be proactive and punctual in regards to resolving Academic/Non-Academic conflicts.


Office Operational Learning Outcomes

  1. The Office of the Ombuds will address student issues and concerns in an acceptable time frame.
  2. The Office of the Ombuds will provide an informal and neutral place for visitors to express their concerns without bias or prejudice.
  3. Student Employee Outcomes
    1. Students Employees will be able to identify processes and protocols related to resolving problems.
    2. Student Employees will learn how to create assessment tools and interpret data, understanding the importance of assessment and evaluation for continual improvements.
    3. Student Employees will be able to enhance skills related to interpersonal and professional communication.
    4. Student Employees will be able to increase their knowledge in Mental Health Awareness and Bullying and Violence in the workplace.
    5. Student Employees will be able to identify and improve technical skills such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite and Advocate Care.


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