Any links you create are required to follow the guidelines expressed in the Web Style Guide, but here are some tips:

  • Do not link URLs on your site. Highlight a word or phrase inside a full sentence that describes where the link will take the user. Example: Go to the ​Office of Financial Aid site​.
  • Do not link "click here." or "here" Reword your sentence so you can link from text (see example above).
  • If the link you are adding takes the user away from your site, please change the “target” drop-down to “new window”.
  • You do not need to add underlining. It will automatically appear.
  • All links are ​required​ to have a title in the title field. The title must be a full sentence with proper grammar and spelling telling the user what is going to happen when they click on the link.
    • Example: Go to the Admissions site.
    • Example: Visit the wikipedia site.
    • Example: Download the registration [PDF]. 
  • If you are uploading a PDF, you must add [PDF] to the end of the link. Example: Download the ​links [PDF].
  • It should also appear in the link title. Example: Download the links [PDF]. PDFs should always be set to open in a new window. 

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