State Authorization

Online Education for Out-of-State Students

It's great that you're considering Eastern Michigan University for your online degree program. Before you apply, though, it's critical that you make sure you're eligible to enroll in a program based in Michigan. EMU is an approved State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) Participant. That means EMU can enroll students into online programs who live in any SARA member state without seeking additional authorization from that particular state. 

Live Out-of-State?

Check your eligibility to attend EMU. Is your state a SARA member? If yes, you're eligible to enroll in an EMU–Online program.

Find your program!

If your state is not a SARA member, you may still be eligible to enroll at Eastern Michigan University. Find your state of residence below for more information:

  • Florida–Yes, you are eligible. Field practicum, clinical, etc. may not be precepted by an EMU employee in the state of Florida.

Thinking of Moving?

As an online student, you will be responsible for checking state authorizations before you relocate to another state. 

For Academic Programs Leading to Professional Licensure

It is highly recommended that you contact the appropriate licensing agency in your state if you're considering an academic program leading to a professional license as it's your responsibility to understand the requirements in your state of residence as applied to your specific situation.

EMU Complaint and Resolution Processes for Distance Students

Below are EMU policies, procedures and/or forms to assist students in resolving complaints:

Additionally, the following EMU offices are available to assist students.

The Office of the Ombuds serves as a resource for students regarding any complaint, grievance or appeal that may be academic or non-academic in nature. The Ombuds works directly with students, faculty, and staff, providing consultation related to university policies and procedures. It has established itself as an objective, non-biased operation that continues to work towards developing a fair and equitable university community. 

The Office of Wellness and Responsibility is part of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Eastern Michigan University. Our mission is to create an effective living and learning environment by designing policies such as the Student Code of Conduct, providing a disciplinary process and conducting programs that foster ethical development, personal accountability and civility toward others. 

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)

If your complaint is not resolved at the institutional level, you can contact the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Read more and access the consumer (student) complaint process.

Non-Michigan Residents

If you are a non-Michigan resident and are unable to resolve your concern with the steps above, you may also contact your home state agency to file a complaint. Find out more: Student Complaint Information - By State and Agency [PDF].