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OTP strives to provide timely updates to Orientation campus partners. We know this results in lengthy emails where details sometimes get lost. The goal of this site is to provide a resource for Orientation updates while allowing OTP to streamline email communication.

2020 Orientation Season

 Virtual Fast Track Orientation course.

Below are the resources we shared at your Fast Track Session, they are organized following the schedule for the day.

If you have any questions about these materials or the content included in them, please reach out to [email protected].

If you have not yet attended a Fast Track and would like to reschedule to a later in-person date, please register for a session by visiting the Fast Track registration page.

We will be in contact via student's emich email about updates and changes to programming.

For timely updates, visit the COVID-19 webpage.

Fast Track Program Dates

(Dates through June have been moved to a virtual space)

  • Tuesday, April 14 (Registration closes Tuesday, April 7)
  • Tuesday, May 19 (Registration closes Tuesday, May 12)
  • Thursday, May 28 (Registration closes Thursday, May 21)
  • Saturday, May 30 (Registration closes Monday, May 25)
  • Saturday, June 6 (Registration closes Monday, June 1)
  • Saturday, June 20 (Registration closes Monday, June 15)
  • Friday, June 26 (Registration closes Friday, June 19)
  • Saturday, July 18 (Registration closes Monday, July 13)
  • Saturday, August 1 (Registration closes Monday, July 27)
  • Thursday, August 6*** (If needed)

2020 First Three Orientation Dates

  • Friday, August 28—Sunday, August 30

Learn more about the Orientation and Transition Program’s planning efforts for Orientation including resources and our timeline on the Orientation Planning page.

2020 Orientation Program Schedules

Fast Track Program Schedule

First Three Orientation Schedule (posts Early August) 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected]

2020 Orientation and Transition Programs Updates

  • Our Purpose 

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    We connect incoming students to holistic resources in support of their transition into student engagement and success. 
  • Our Vision

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    We envision a cohesive and inclusive experience that is student centered, student driven, and highlighted as a best practice example regionally. 
  • Our Values

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    Intentionality | Inclusivity | Authenticity
  • Our Priorities

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    • Provide positively impactful experiences that anticipate and support the holistic needs of our incoming EMU community members.
    • Represent and celebrate the traditions and cultures of Eastern’s diverse community, to support a sense of belonging and social connectedness.
    • Cultivate cross institutional collaboration and robust community partnerships.
    • Facilitate an intentional platform and experience for current EMU student development, empowerment, and leadership.

Learning and Development Outcomes

  • Student Learning Outcomes

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    As a result of attending our Orientation and Transition Programs (Fast Track and First Three or Winter Orientation), students will...

    • Understand EMU’s academic expectations and students’ responsibility for their own academic, social, and personal experience. (Knowledge acquisition and application)
      1. This includes academic advising, class registration, degree requirements, deadlines, financial responsibilities, etc.
    • Articulate and demonstrate expectations for Eastern’s community members and how students can positively contribute to and engage in the community. (Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement)
      1. This includes the Student Rights and Responsibilities, the EMU Creed, Federal Regulations, etc.
    • Navigate the campus physical and digital environment and utilize University resources that will contribute to their success and engagement at Eastern. (Practical Competence)
      1. This includes involvement opportunities, leadership positions, College-specific experiences, and student support systems, etc.
    • Identify leadership skills and begin to interpret how they relate to their personal success as an Eastern Student. (Cognitive Complexity)
      1. This includes skills such as conflict resolution, ethical reasoning, teambuilding, time management, effective communication, and goal setting.
    • Develop a sense of belonging and social connectedness to the Eastern community and collaboration in their collegiate experience. (Interpersonal Competence)
    • Cultivate a sense of self-awareness through identifying personal values, identities, and strengths and how they can support their personal and professional goals. (Intrapersonal Development)
  • Guest Learning Outcomes

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    As a result of attending Orientation and Transition Programs (Fast Track and First Three or Winter Orientation), guests will...

    • Interpret and articulate the supportive role they play in their student’s transition process.
    • Understand EMU’s academic and community expectations, as well as, their student’s responsibility to make decisions and take actions related to their academic, social, and personal experience as an EMU student.
    • Identify on campus resources available to support their student academically, socially, and personally as an EMU student.

2019 Orientation Season Highlights

Thank you so much for a successful Fast Track and First Three 2019. We could not have done it without our supportive campus partners!

Do you know how many students and guests we served throughout the Orientation season?

  • 2,059 students checked in to Fast Track
  • 2,152 FITIAC full and part time students enrolled Fall 2019

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