Any links you create are required to follow the guidelines expressed in the Web Style Guide, but here are some tips:

Do not paste URLs on your site. Highlight a word or phrase inside a full sentence that describes where the link will take the user. Example: Go to the ​Office of Financial Aid site​. Do not link “click here.” Reword your sentence so you can link from text (see example above).

If the link you are adding takes the user away from your site, please change the “target” drop-down to “new window”.

You do not need to add underlining. It will automatically appear.

All links are ​required​ to have a title in the title field. The title must be a full sentence with proper grammar and spelling telling the user what is going to happen when they click on the link. Example: Go to the Admissions site.

If you are uploading a PDF, you must add [PDF] to the end of the link. Example: Download the ​links [PDF]​.

It should also appear in the link title. Example: Download the links [PDF]. PDFs should always be set to open in a new window. 

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