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Hang Tags

The parking hang tag must be displayed from the front windshield´s rear view mirror mount whenever the vehicle is parked in a designated EMU Parking facility. Any other method of display is not considered proper. In such cases the hang tag will not be honored, and the individual will be responsible for the citation. Individuals who have convertibles (soft tops) or doors that do not lock, should request a parking sticker when purchasing their hang tag.

Students have a grace period in which the parking hang tag requirement is not enforced in Commuter and Resident lots on campus. The deadline for the display of parking hang tags can be found on the main webpage for the Parking Department. After the grace period, a valid parking hang tag must be displayed before parking on campus. Faculty/Staff lots, Reserved spaces and Meters are enforced all year. Persons with currently registered vehicles, please note: If at any time you should forget your hang tag or are temporarily driving a different vehicle to campus, you must obtain a temporary parking hang tag (available at any time at no cost) from the Parking Department or Public Safety, by presenting your student ID. Temporary hang tags are limited to two per semester.

Bar Code Procedure: Pass the bar code (on the side of your hang tag) through the bar code reader at specified gates.

Hang Tag Replacement

Please remember to remove the parking hang tag from the rearview mirror and secure it before moving your vehicle and when the vehicle is not parked in EMU parking facility.

A lost or stolen parking hang tag from an unsecured vehicle will not be replaced free of charge. You may purchase a new one at the Parking Department.

A stolen parking hang tag from a secured vehicle will be replaced at no charge only upon proof of theft, from a police report indicating evidence of forced entry.