If you are charged with violating the Parking/Traffic Ordinance of Eastern Michigan University, you may have your case reviewed for possible adjustments at the ParkEMU office at 1200 Oakwood. Only adjustments dictated by extenuating circumstances surrounding the issuance of the violation will be considered and must be presented within 48 hours of the issuance of the violation.

If adjustments are not made by ParkEMU and you wish to appeal the citation you need to bring the citation to the parking violations within 14 days of the date issued and fill out the dispute form. 14A-2 District Court Traffic Bureau will contact you with a date and time to appear in court.

If the violation becomes delinquent, a court citation may be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle, and filled with the 14th District Court. The citation serves as a summons to command the initial appearance of the defendant, and a response from the defendant as to his or her responsibility for the alleged violation. (Authority Public A 291 of 1967, as amended.)

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