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Violations and Penalties

A driver, owner or person to whom a car is registered who does not conform to regulations will receive a violation notice on the vehicle. Violation citations can be issued every 4 hours to illegally parked vehicles. Fines are specified on the violation citation and are in accordance with the following:

Violation Fee
Illegal Entry $10
Overtime Meter $10
Parking in Restricted Zone $25*
Prohibited Parking 2AM-6AM $35
Traffic Hazard $35
Prohibited Parking on Margin $35
Parking Violation of Time $25
Prohibited Parking $35
Not Parked Within Space $25
Parking in Reserved Space $50
Parking in Handicapped Zone $200
Illegal Exit $45

*Penalty is $10 if person presents valid hang tag within 48 hours of issuance. Permit must be registered to owner of the vehicle, purchased and picked up prior to issuance of violation.

Please note: Six unpaid violations may result in vehicle impoundment or immobilization

A drop box, for 24 hour ticket payment, is provided to the right of the doors of the Parking Department, located in the Public Safety Building.

Violations may be paid at the Parking Department, located at 1200 Oakwood Ave. by mail. Remit violations and payments to:

Eastern Michigan University
Parking Department
1200 Oakwood
Ypsilanti, MI 48197