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Physics Professor wins NASA grant

Professor Dave Pawlowski was recently awarded a 3-year grant from NASA's Mars Data Analysis Program to investigate the effects of solar flares and dust storms on the Martian upper atmosphere.  The $340,000 award will provide insight into the time dependent behavior of the Mars ionosphere and thermosphere and aid future missions in mitigating the adverse effects of Martian space weather.

Physics and Astronomy is looking for graduate students!

If you are interested in pursing a master's degree in physics, consider applying to EMU.  Contact the Department for more information about possible Graduate Assistantships!

Society of Physics Students (SPS) Meetings

The EMU chapter of the Society of Physics Students meets at 1:30 pm on Fridays in Strong Hall 228!  Please email Dr. Dave Pawlowski or check out our club on OrgSync for more information.

EMU Planetarium

Visit the EMU Planetarium website more information about our planetarium.

Sherzer Observatory

Visit the Sherzer Observatory website for observing information and times.


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