James Carroll

A photo of James Carroll

Professor, Associate Provost and VP for Administration

Physics and Astronomy Department


[email protected]


PhD in Physics, West Virginia University
MS in Physics, West Virginia University
BS in Honors Science Applications, Bethany College

Interests and Expertise

Dr. James Carroll is currently serving as the Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Administration. In addition, Jim has been a faculty member in the Department of Physics and Astronomy since 1998. He came to EMU after a post-doctoral fellowship simulating supernova events in the laboratory and studying laser fusion at the University of Michigan. He earned his PhD in Plasma Physics from West Virginia University in 1997 stimulating ionosphere waves in the WVU Q-machine. At EMU he is also the Director of the Plasma Physics Laboratory. Students in the lab are currently developing experiments to simulate the sputtering of objects like Mercury by the solar wind. He has recently served EMU as a member of the AAUP fact-finding and negotiating team, the Science Complex Advisory committee, the University Budget Council, and the Presidential Search Advisory Committee.

Additional Information

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