Eastern Michigan University
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Laser Physics Lablaser physics lab

The experimental laser physics laboratory houses experiments studying laser-matter interactions. Many of these experiments involve photothermal techniques in which information about the absorption of a material is obtained by detecting the change in the sample due to absorption-caused local heating. These techniques can be used to locate and study in detail the defects that give rise to absorption in high quality optical materials. Over the years funding sources have included the State of Michigan, the National Science Foundation, and industry.

The lab uses an extensive range of equipment including:

  • A Spectra Physics Millennia II laser
  • An Adaptive Optics Associates Wave Scope Wavefront Sensor
  • An Oriel Integrating Sphere, light source, and photomultiplier tube detection system
  • A Newport Motion Controller with translation stages
  • Three optics tables

For more information contact:

  • Marshall Thomsen, Professor
    laser lab photothermal
    The enclosed table in the center has one of the two photothermal set-ups. It is generally used to measure the absorption of high quality, weakly absorbing optical materials.