Eastern Michigan University
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Eric Paradis

Assistant Professor

 240H Strong Hall




2007–2013 Ph.D. Physics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
2008–2010 Science, Technology and Public Policy Graduate Certificate, University of
Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
2005–2007 M.Sc. Physics, York University, Toronto, ON, Canada
2000–2005 B.Sc. Honours Physics, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada.
History Minor

Interests and Expertise

Atomic Physics, Optical Physics; particularly the effect of applied magnetic fields on the electronic structure of highly-excited atoms.  I am currently working on setting up an atom trapping laboratory at Eastern Michigan University.


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E. Paradis, T. Pinilla, B. Holder, Y. Abed, G. Boivin, C. Beauchemin. Impact of the H275Y and I223V Mutations in the Neuraminidase of the 2009 Pandemic Influenza Virus In Vitro and Evaluating Experimental Reproducibility. PLoS ONE 10(5), (2015)

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