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Administrative Procedures

Policy Number Policy Name Last Revision Date


Key Policy May-13
A-02 Building Access May-13
A-03 Fire Alarm Shutdown May-13
A-04 Campus Communication Procedures May-13
A-05 Overtime May-13
A-06 Work orders May-13
A-07 P-Card Guidelines May-13
A-08 Utility Shutdown Procedures May-13
A-09 On-Call May-13
A-10 Parts Requisition May-13
A-11 Time & Material Contracts May-13
A-12 Sidewalk and Lawn Driving May-13
A-13  University Vehicle Usage May-13
A-14 Personal Use of University Property May-13
A-15 Lost or Missing Employee ID May-13
A-16 Work Absence May-13
A-17 Digging-Excavating-Ground Penetration May-13
A-17A Digging-Excavating-Ground Penetration Addendum May-13
A-18 Breaks and Lunches May-13
A-19 Orange Fencing May-13
A-20 Extreme Weather Protocol May-13
A-21 Scrap Materials May-13
A-23 Wildlife Services May-13


Surveillance Camera Shutdown May-13
A-25 Greenhouse Gas Monitoring May-13
A-26 Abatement May-13
A-27 Work Attire May-13
A-28 De-Icing New Concrete May-13
A-29 Digital Signage May-13
A-30 Animals May-13
A-31 Invoicing May-13
A-32 Flooding May-13
A-33 Employee Exit May-13
A-34 Trades Tools July-14
A-35 Space Heaters December-14