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Facilities Design Services

Procedures for design work:


Please forward a requisition to the physical plant. Provide as much information as possible, such as plans, sketches, pictures, etc. There is no charge for these services; this simply generates a work order.


As staff is available, a designer or project coordinator will be assigned.


They will meet with you, help you define your requirements, review the project site, research products and/or services, and obtain quotes from vendors or skilled trades.


A cost estimate for the project will be generated for your review and approval.


If you wish to proceed with products and/or services only:


Attach approved specifications and quotations to your completed, authorized requisition. 
Forward requisition to Accounting. Accounting verifies authorization and availability of funds, and forwards to Purchasing. 
Purchasing procures products and/or services. 
Vendor will phone the contact person to arrange delivery and/or installation.


With a project:


The designer or project manager will assist with procurement, scheduling, coordination and monitor the project progress through completion.