EMU Policies

EMU policies are reviewed on a rolling basis every three years. New and revised policies will be published on this site after they are approved by the Board. All policies published on this site are considered accurate and in force until further notification.

The Policy Manual comprises 15 chapters or sections, as listed below.

  1. Powers and Limitations of the Regents
  2. Administrative Organization and Authority
  3. Employment, Affirmative Action and Civil Rights
  4. Marketing, Communications, Printing and Reprographics, Copyright, Advertising, Licensing and World Wide Web
  5. University Development
  6. Academic Programs and Requirements
  7. Admission and Financial Aid
  8. Student Programs and Requirements
  9. Public Safety, Traffic and Parking
  10. Intercollegiate Athletics
  11. Business and Financial Operations
  12. Tuition, Fees, Fines, Deposits and Refunds
  13. Facilities: Acquisition, Disposal, Improvement and Use
  14. Auxiliary Operations
  15. Information Technology

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