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8.4.1. Student Organization Recognition

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Effective Date: 4-19-1972

Revision Date: 12-2-2003



A student organization consists of a number of students who have complied with University requirements for registration and/or recognition.  Student organizations must be recognized each year by the University in order to use University facilities, services and resources and to participate in Student Government during the year.  Student organizations are not considered a part of the University for tax exemption purposes or for other purposes.



A. University procedures are established which govern the application, review and bestowal and dissolution of student organization recognition status, as well as to govern the collection, recording, maintenance, compilation, distribution and retention of student organization recognition data in accordance with this policy.  University procedures are also established which govern the sanctions for violation of this policy. 


B. Each student organization seeking recognition must abide by the following general standards for recognition:

  1. Recognition may be granted by the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee. Student organization files and recognition records are maintained and administered by the Office of Campus Life.
  2. Any organization shall be considered for official University recognition if the organization's objectives are compatible with the objectives of the University and if the organization completes all required information for recognition.
  3. Membership in an Eastern Michigan University organization must be open to any Eastern Michigan University student regardless of race, color, religion, sex, physical disability or sexual orientation.  Exceptions to this policy include religious qualifications, which may be required by organizations whose aims are primarily sectarian and social fraternities and sororities that are permitted by federal and state law to discriminate on the basis of sex.
  4. The organization's name cannot begin with "EMU" or "Eastern Michigan University" or any other derivation.  The organizations may use the University's name following the name of the organization. 
  5. An organization cannot be organized for the purpose of furthering the private financial gain of an individual or select group of individuals.
  6. Student organizations are not allowed to use any derivation of the University name related to external banking relationships.
  7. An organization must have a minimum of five members to be recognized and considered "active." 
  8. In order to be eligible for funding, no less than 75 percent of the organization's membership must be comprised of EMU enrolled students.
  9. Each organization must have a student organization advisor who is an Eastern Michigan University faculty or staff member or is an enrolled EMU graduate student. 
  10. All organizations recognized by the University agree to abide by all applicable University policies. 
  11. All organizations recognized by the University agree to abide by the University Student Conduct Code provisions applicable to Student Organizations.


C. A student organization's recognition may be terminated by:

  1. Written request of the student organization's executive officers.
  2. Failure to meet its financial obligations to the University, as per any appropriate University policy governing financial debts.
  3. Decision of the Vice President for Student Affairs.



The Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for the overall implementation, administration and interpretation of the policy.  The Director of Student Judicial Services is responsible for administering the Student Conduct Code as it applies to a violation of this policy. 



This policy applies to all student organizations at Eastern Michigan University.


Authority for Creation and Revision


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