8. Student Programs and Requirements

8.4. Student Activities

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8.4.5. Space Reservation

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Effective Date: 4-19-1972

Revision Date:


All on-campus office space allocations for recognized student organizations are handled through the Office of Campus Life.  The application forms are secured from the Office of Campus Life and must be signed by the dean of students or his or her designee.  This staff signature is to verify that the group is a recognized student organization and entitled to available space without charge, except for any maintenance duties or other services required.



Negotiations for off-campus facilities and all arrangements with renters are the responsibility of the organization.  A listing of facilities used in the past is on file at the Office of Campus Life with comments.  These are not necessarily approved or endorsed. 


Authority for Creation and Revision

Minutes of the Board of Regents, April 19, 1972, para. .1097M.