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8.4.6. Student Organization Off-Campus Excursion Policy

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Effective Date: 4-19-1972

Revision Date: 1-17-2006


It is the policy of Eastern Michigan University to allow representatives of recognized student organizations and student government groups to engage in off-campus travel. Travel is permitted in order to fulfill the purpose of the organization or in service on behalf of the university.  When traveling off-campus a student organization and/or its respective members must comply with Eastern Michigan University's Student Code of Conduct, all other university policies, and federal, state, and local laws. 

Recognized student organizations traveling off-campus on behalf of their own organization, and not on behalf of the university and/or not for university-sanctioned events, shall not be considered to be traveling under the auspices of, or with the approval or authorization of, the university. Student organizations traveling on student organization business are not considered to be part of the university and shall not be extended liability, automotive or any other type of insurance coverage.  It is the sole responsibility of any student organization traveling off-campus to provide liability insurance and other appropriate insurance coverage for its activities.



University procedures are established which govern the request for permission to travel, request for student organization travel funding, and waiver of liability, in accordance with this policy. These procedures are administered through McKenny Union and Campus Life.  Procedures are also established to request insurance coverage for university-sanctioned student organization travel only, in accordance with this policy.  These procedures are administered through Legal Affairs and Risk Management. University procedures are also established which govern the sanctions for violation of this policy. 

The following guidelines also apply to this policy:

  1. Recognized student organizations traveling off-campus strictly in the conduct of university or university-sanctioned events consistent with the university's mission, policies and state and local laws, must request permission to travel from McKenny Union and Campus Life at least 10 (ten) working days in advance of the travel date. Documents verifying the travel itinerary, purpose of the trip and method of travel must be included with the Travel Authorization Form. 
  2. Any student organization intending to travel off-campus must complete and sign a waiver of responsibility form for each person participating in the trip.  These forms must be submitted to McKenny Union and Campus Life prior to departure. 
  3. No student organization or student government travel will be authorized or supported with university monies (including student organization accounts) without prior approval from the appropriate university officials. Unapproved travel will not be eligible for reimbursement from a university account.
  4. Trip supervisors may prohibit the participation of individuals showing signs of intoxication or other inappropriate behavior from any or all activities over the duration of the trip.



The Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for the overall implementation, administration and interpretation of the policy.  The Director of McKenny Union and Campus Life is responsible for the daily administration of the policy.  The Director of Student Judicial Services is responsible for administering the Student Conduct Code as it applies to a violation of this policy.  The Departments of Legal Affairs and Risk Management are responsible for helping to ensure compliance with university policies and local, state and federal laws.



This policy applies to all student organizations at Eastern Michigan University.


Authority for Creation and Revision

Minutes of the Board of Regents, April 19, 1972, para. .1097M.
Minutes of the Board of Regents, January 17, 2006, para. .6558M.