2. Administrative Organization and Authority

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2.6. Policy on Policies

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Effective Date: 12-2-2003

Revision Date: 6-19-2012


All University policies must be approved by The Board of Regents of Eastern Michigan University. A University policy is defined by all of the following: a) has broad application throughout the University; and b) helps to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promotes operational efficiencies, enhances the university's mission or reduces institutional risks.

The University administration may enact statements of procedure which prescribe specific actions to be taken to conform to established University policies, allowing for the orderly implementation of those policies. Further, the University administration shall establish a uniform method and format for the enactment, publication and periodic review of University policies and procedures.

The University administration is authorized to enact, implement and enforce, without Board of Regents approval, appropriate executive orders, administrative policies and divisional, college, departmental, office or local operating rules and regulations. These administrative executive orders, policies, rules and regulations shall not conflict with University policy.



The Board of Regents has delegated authority to the president to manage the University and to implement University policies and procedures. While all University policies must be approved by the University's Board of Regents, University procedures are approved by the president's executive leadership team. Approved University policies are placed in the University's Policy Manual, and approved University procedures are placed in the University's Procedures Manual. The president of the University shall be responsible for issuing and enforcing appropriate executive orders. The president and the executive leadership team shall be responsible for approving all administrative policies. The head of each university division shall be responsible for developing and implementing a process for the approval, implementation and enforcement of intra-divisional operating rules and regulations. Where an intra-divisional rule or regulation impacts the operations of another University division, college, department or office, appropriate notice of the rule or regulation shall be provided to the affected division, college, department or office.



The president, and the executive leadership team shall be responsible for implementation of this policy.



This policy is applicable to the development, approval and implementation of all University policies and procedures, and all administrative executive orders, policies, rules and regulations.


Authority for Creation and Revision

Minutes of the Board of Regents: December 2, 2003, para. .6194M.
Minutes of the Board of Regents: June 19, 2012