3. Employment, Affirmative Action and Civil Rights

3.2. Attendance

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3.2.4. Vacation

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Effective Date: 2-25-1987

Revision Date: 6-18-2013


Vacation pay shall accrue in accordance with the following:

Bargained-For Employee Groups

Vacation pay is allotted per guidelines in each employee group's collective bargaining agreement. Bargained for employees should reference their collective bargaining agreements for detailed information.

Non-Bargained for Employee Groups

Athletic Coaches (AC), Administrative Hourly (AH), Administrative Professional (AP), and Confidential Assistant (CA) Staff.

AC, AH, AP, and CA staff accrue 20 days (160 hours) of vacation per year. Maximum carry over from one fiscal year to the next is limited at 160 hours.

Part-time employees shall accumulate prorated vacation time based on the number of hours regularly worked.

If an employee is terminated prior to completing 12 months of continuous service, he or she shall automatically forfeit all accrued rights to a vacation with pay. Such an employee however, may be permitted to use his or her accrued credits prior to completion of 12 months of continuous service. In such cases, he or she shall sign a form provided by the Employer stating that if his or her employment shall be terminated prior to the completion of 12 months of continuous service, he or she shall reimburse the Employer for vacation pay received and shall authorize the Employer to deduct that amount of money from his or her final pay check. If an employee is terminated after having completed 12 months of continuous service, he or she shall be entitled to receive all vacation rights accrued to the date of his or her termination.

The vacation pay of an employee (including regular part-time employees) will be based on the number of hours (excluding any hours for which overtime is paid) he or she regularly works and will be computed on the basis of the rate of pay he or she is earning, excluding any shift premiums, at the time he or she takes his or her vacation.

Vacation days accumulated will be paid to the employee at termination.

All vacation must have the approval of the employee's supervisor. The vacation period shall commence on July 1 of each year and end on the following June 30 of each year. Any vacation rights accrued as of June 30 of each year must be taken during the immediately following vacation period and any employee who fails to take his/her vacation within that period shall forfeit all rights to such vacation time with the following exception:

If an employee is unable to take his/her vacation during the appropriate vacation period because the Employer's work needs prevent it, he or she shall be allowed to carry over such accrued vacation into the next vacation period, with the written approval of Human Resources and the division executive. Any such carry over vacation time must be taken within the first ninety (90) days of the next fiscal year. The Chief Financial Officer shall be informed of all vacation carry over requests.

Additional regulation on this subject may also be found and may supersede this policy for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements.




Authority for Creation and Revision

Minutes of the Board of Regents, February 25, 1987; para. .3437M.
Minutes of the Board of Regents, February 15, 2011
Minutes of the Board of Regents, June 18, 2013