3. Employment, Affirmative Action and Civil Rights

3.7. General

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3.7.6. Distribution of Published Materials

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Effective Date: 6-15-2004

Revision Date:


In order to ensure the orderly transaction of business, the University has an interest in controlling where and when published materials are distributed. The University shall make no effort to regulate the content of published materials, which circulate on the campus.

Published materials may not be sold on campus except as prescribed in the policy on the sale of commercial products.

Instructors are responsible for materials distributed within the classroom, in accordance with applicable departmental and University regulations. Any persons who wish to distribute materials in a classroom must receive the instructor's approval.



The University has an interest in providing for safety and orderly traffic patterns; preventing littering and the interruption of class or office routines; establishing and maintaining pleasant living, working and studying conditions; and controlling the sale of commercial products on campus. To further these legitimate concerns, the distribution of published materials on the campus (other than course-related materials approved by instructors for classroom use) is limited as prescribed below.

Published materials may be distributed free of charge at locations listed below, without prior regulation of content. The University will not be responsible for any content that is found to be in violation of law or the rights of any person.

  • On open grounds owned by the University.
  • In approved display containers.
  • At the desks of residence halls or placed in residence hall mailboxes in accordance with residence hall rules in effect.
  • Outside entranceways of University buildings and, in case of inclement weather, in entranceways of buildings so long as traffic is not obstructed.
  • Posted on approved bulletin boards in accordance with established regulations relating to size, time of posting, priority of appearance, etc.

No published materials may be left unattended, except in display containers or devices, which will keep them in neat piles. When handed to passersby, such material shall be given only to persons who reach for it or otherwise indicate a willingness to receive it. In no event should published materials be thrown at or thrust into the hands of unwilling recipients.

No published or printed materials may be distributed or solicited in private areas of the University such as offices, lounges, working areas, corridors of residence hall rooms except on the specific invitation of the occupant or person in control of the area.

Violations of these regulations will be processed through the established University disciplinary procedures.



The vice president for student affairs has responsibility for implementing this policy.



This policy applies to all published materials.



Authority for Creation and Revision

Minutes of the Board of Regents: June 15, 2004, para. .6286M.