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Effective Date: 10-18-78

Revision Date: 12-15-17


A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from all classes for a given semester is required to do so through the Office of Records and Registration. A student who is unable to accomplish the withdrawal in person may do so by a written request mailed to the Office of Records and Registration. The request should indicate the reason for the requested withdrawal, and any tuition adjustment will be based on postmark date of that communication.

Eastern Michigan University shall publish in advance of each semester exact dates and deadlines for withdrawal requests and related tuition credit adjustment that will be provided.


Late Withdrawal: The University recognizes that unexpected circumstances arise making it necessary for a student to initiate a request for withdrawal after the completion of classes for a term or after the deadline for a specific part of term. Normally, a late withdrawal will only be considered for the current or immediately preceding term.

Late withdrawals may be granted for either one or both of the following reasons: 

1.     Administrative:  through an administrative problem or error, the student received an "F" grade.

2.     Mental or physical stress:  subsequent to awarding of term grades, the student claims that severe physical or psychological stress was present during the semester.  Original documentation of the circumstances and of the reasons for delay in seeking the withdrawal must be presented by or on behalf of the student and a consultation with the student may be required.  In this case, the decision will affect all the classes the student was registered for during the term in question.

In all cases, the student must initiate the request for retroactive withdrawal. The Provost shall be responsible for establishing and disseminating criteria and the review procedures for these requests.

A student with an approved retroactive withdrawal does not automatically receive any consideration for tuition refund and grades of "W" will be posted on his/her official transcript.

These procedures also apply for the Summer semester. Eastern Michigan University will publish exact withdrawal dates for each semester in advance of said semester.




Re-enrolling and Readmission: Students whose transcripts show no active enrollment for two full years must reapply and be accepted for admission before enrolling again. A student who withdraws from all courses with "W" grades on the transcript is counted as enrolled for that semester. A student who drops all courses in a semester, removing them from the transcript, is not counted as enrolled for that semester.



Authority for Creation and Revision

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