3. Employment, Affirmative Action and Civil Rights

3.1. Employment

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3.1.10. Ethics

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Effective Date: 10-30-2012

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Eastern Michigan University is committed to establishing a culture of openness, trust and integrity in business practices. The Code of Ethics is intended to clarify each employee's responsibility to uphold the highest standards of conduct. Effective ethics is a team effort involving the participation and support of every faculty member and staff employee. The University is committed to protecting faculty, staff, community partners, donors, vendors and the Institution from illegal or damaging actions by individuals.


This policy sets forth the principles under which each employee of the University is expected to perform their duties and responsibilities. By signing this document, employees commit individually and collectively to the highest possible standards of conduct. EMU recognizes the right of employees to engage in activities, outside of their employment, that are private in nature and unrelated to University business. However, a full disclosure of potential conflicts of interest to an employee's immediate supervisor must be provided to assess and prevent conflicts of interest from arising in accordance with University Policy 3.1.7 Conflict of Interest.


Ethical behavior is characterized by honesty, fairness and equity in interpersonal, professional and academic relationships and in research and scholarly activities. Ethical behavior respects the dignity, diversity and rights of individuals and groups of people. Each employee is responsible for conducting themselves in an honest and ethical manner and refrain from engaging in conduct that might damage the reputation of the University.


Actions involving theft, fraud, embezzlement, kickbacks, misappropriation of funds or assets, falsification of records, conflicts of interest, breach of confidentiality and other improprieties are a direct violation of this policy and University Policy 11.7 Fraud and Fraudulent Activity.


It is the responsibility of the Chief Human Resources Officer, and the Assistant Vice President, Academic Personnel and Contract Administration to implement this policy.


Deans, Department Heads, Assistant Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors are responsible for monitoring compliance of this policy.


Any violations or alleged violations of this policy are to be reported to the Chief Human Resources Officer or Assistant Vice President, Academic Personnel and Contract Administration. Ethics and compliance violations may also be reported anonymously at


Alleged ethics violations will be reviewed and investigated by either the Office of Human Resources or the Academic Human Resources Office as determined by the nature of the allegation, or by another office depending on the nature of the violation. In every case the allegation will be reviewed and investigated at a level appropriate to maintain the integrity and credibility of the investigation. No employee will be subject to any disciplinary or retaliatory action for reporting a violation or potential violation of this policy. However, filing known false, malicious reports will not be tolerated and anyone filing such reports will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.


All investigations will be conducted in a confidential manner. Employees represented by a collective bargaining agreement will be provided due process and representational rights in accordance with the provisions of their labor agreement.


If the investigation substantiates the allegations then appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Employees represented by a collective bargaining agreement will be provided due process and representational rights in accordance with the provisions of their labor agreement.


The policy governs all employees of Eastern Michigan University.


I pledge to perform my duties and responsibilities in accordance with this policy and with the highest possible standards of conduct.



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