3. Employment, Affirmative Action and Civil Rights

3.1. Employment

3.1.1. At Will Employment

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Effective Date: 10-25-1965

Revision Date: 2-15-2011


It is the desire and expectation of Eastern Michigan University that the employment relationship shall be a pleasant and rewarding experience for employees and the University. Irrespective of any statement contained in the University's policies or in any other document or statement issued by the University or any of its representatives, each employee shall have the right to terminate his or her employment at any time, with or without notice or cause, and the University shall have the same right to terminate employment with or without cause.

The University maintains standards of conduct, work rules, and performance expectations that apply to all nonbargained-for employees. The violation of certain standards may result in immediate suspension or dismissal. By way of example, these include, but are not limited to: fighting refusing to perform a reasonable work assignment, reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, any criminal activity, theft or misuse of University funds or property (including computer data and software), unauthorized attempts to access or copy computerized data or software, unlawful photocopying of copyrighted materials, breach of software confidentiality and ownership agreements, falsification of University forms, and documents, gambling and engaging in conduct which threatens the safety of others or other serious misconduct.

In cases where the University deems the situation does not warrant immediate suspension or dismissal, the University may utilize a variety of forms of progressive discipline to address conduct and performance issues. Employees who fail to correct their performance after progressive discipline is imposed may be terminated for cause.

Employees terminated for cause are not eligible to receive severance pay. Cause shall be defined as termination for misconduct or performance reasons as determined by the University in its sole discretion.

All statements in this policy manual and all employee agreements, oral or written, between the University and any employee shall be interpreted consistent with this policy. No employee, agent or representative of the University has the authority to make any agreement or representation, either orally or in writing, which alters, amends or contradicts this policy.
No employee, agent or representative of the University has the authority to enter into an employment agreement on behalf of the University. In accordance with the powers of the Board of Regents, final approval of appointments or removal of personnel rests with the Board. Nonbargained-for employees who are terminated by the University without cause will be provided severance pay (or working notice in lieu of severance pay), subject to the terms and conditions of the University's procedure on this subject.)

Nonbargained-for employees holding indeterminate tenure who are removed from their administrative position by EMU may be entitled to placement in a faculty position in their department of record consistent with their tenured faculty status.



The President of the University or his/her designee has the overall responsibility for implementation of this policy. The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for the administration and interpretation of this policy. 


This policy covers all nonbargained-for employees of the University including all regular part-time and full-time executive, athletic coaches, administrative professional, administrative hourly and confidential clerical employees of the University.

Authority for Creation and Revision

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