12. Tuition, Fees, Fines, Deposits and Refunds

12.2. Other Fees, Deposits, Fines, Refunds

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12.2.6. Health Center Fees

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Effective Date: 8-20-75

Revision Date: 4-15-84


All undergraduate and graduate students registering for a total of seven or more on-campus credit hours in the fall or winter semesters, and all undergraduate students registering for a total of five or more on-campus credit hours in the spring or summer sessions will be charged a non- refundable Health Service fee of $13.50 per semester for fall and winter and $6.75 per session for spring and summer.  Payment of this fee will entitle participants to Health Center services at reduced rates as determined by the University Health Service.  A fee schedule will be developed for Board approval on an annual basis and information about charges will be prominently displayed and made available to students. 

Undergraduate students registering for less than the aforementioned numbers of credit hours, graduate students, student spouses, faculty and staff and their spouses may avail themselves of the Health Center services, but at somewhat higher rates in accordance with the following Schedule B.  These persons may, at their option, also pay the participation fee and thereby become eligible for the reduced rates in Schedule A. 

                                                                            Schedule A          Schedule B
                                                                            With Health         Without Health
                                                                            Service Fee         Service Fee

Doctor Consultation                                               $  4.00                  $  9.00
Physical Examination                                               15.00                    18.00
Specialty Consultations:  
     Dermatology                                                      12.00                    16.00
     Gynecology                                                        14.00                    24.00
     Pap Test (additional)                                         No charge                 8.00
     I.U.D. (additional)                                               12.00                   15.00
Medicine injection:  
     Allergy "shot", etc.                                                4.00                     5.00
TB Skin Test                                                              4.00                     5.00
Vaccination                                                                4.00                    5.00
Blood Pressure Check                                             No charge            No charge
Fingernail Drainage                                                No charge            No charge
Specialty Clinics Broken Appts.                                    5.00                    5.00

Other services for which charges are made include pharmacy, medical laboratory and x-ray laboratory. 



Authority for Creation and Revision

Minutes of the Board of Regents, August 20, 1975, para. .1551M.