11. Business and Financial Operations

11.4. Travel

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11.4.1. Travel Policy

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Effective Date: 1-27-64

Revision Date: 10-7-2014


Eastern Michigan University will reimburse University Employees for actual and/or reasonable expenses incurred while traveling or hosting in conjunction with University business.  Reimbursement for such expenses will be made in accordance with the IRS Accountable Plan, Treasury Regulations and the University Travel Procedures, and upon appropriate verification of a business rationale for the expenses. 

Travel by privately owned, leased or chartered aircraft (other than commercial) in conduct of University business is prohibited unless expressly authorized in advance by the Chief Financial Officer. 



University practices for implementing this policy include: 

  1. Overnight domestic travel at University expense must be pre-approved by the traveler's supervisor. International travel must be pre-approved by the traveler's supervisor AND the Divisional Vice President or his/her respective designee. 
  2. Employees authorized to travel at University expense are required to do so in accordance with official University Travel Procedures.  
  3. When travel is funded by a sponsored agreement (i.e., grant, contract, etc.), the use of travel funds will be governed by the more restrictive of either the sponsored agreement or University policy.



The Chief Financial Officer or his/her designee(s) has overall responsibility for implementation of this policy.  



The Travel Policy applies to all University employees.


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