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Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Academic Programs and Requirements

Chapter No.

Issue: In-Service Courses

Effective Date: 1-17-1973

The Office of Continuing Education offers credit courses in established centers throughout southeastern Michigan. These classes are undergraduate and graduate courses conducted by regular instructors of Eastern Michigan University. Presently, classes are offered in practically any field connected with education. 


General Procedures and Regulations of Open Center Courses 

Students who enroll in off-campus courses must meet the entrance requirements of Eastern Michigan University and must matriculate at Eastern in order to receive credit towards certificates and degrees. Application blanks and details of the admission procedure may be obtained by writing the Admissions Office at Eastern Michigan University. 

Students must make application for in-service courses to the director of the Office of Continuing Education, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan. 

Students are held to the same requirements concerning distribution of courses taken by students in residence. Students should consult outlines of curriculums as published in the University catalog, should make their selection of work and should consult the dean of academic records and teacher certification. 

The number of hours of in-service work for credit which one may carry while engaged full- time in other work shall not exceed six hours per semester. 

No course will be offered for credit in in-service courses which is not a part of the regular curriculum of Eastern Michigan University. 



The current fee rate is published in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. 

The Office of Continuing Education makes no provision for partial payment or delayed payment of fees. 

Enrollment of off-campus courses is handled by mail and should be completed well in advance of the first meeting date of the course in order to insure a place in the class. Enrollments not completed prior to the first meeting date are subject to assessment of $10.00 late enrollment fee. 



To avoid possible loss of credit toward graduation requirements, an Eastern Michigan University student who wishes to take courses at another college or university secure approval of the department concerned or dean of academic records and teacher certification. 

Students regularly enrolled in other colleges or universities may be enrolled as guest matriculants. 

Students must complete all work on time. Incompletes are given only in extreme cases such as illness. An incomplete must be made up within one month after the beginning of the subsequent semester in which the student is enrolled. Otherwise the course will be recorded with a grade of "E". 

It is expected that students contemplating certification or degrees will acquaint themselves with the University regulations which are available from the Office of Academic Records and Teacher certification. 

Persons may audit a course without credit upon payment of the regular fees. Under no condition will academic credit be given once a per- son is enrolled as an auditor. 


Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents, January 17, 1973, para. .1187M.