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Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Marketing, Communications, Printing and Reprographics, Copyright, Advertising, Licensing and World Wide Web

Chapter No. 4.5

Issue: Advertising, Sponsorships and Endorsements

Effective Date: 12-2-2003


In order to protect its reputation, ensure the integrity of its publications and venues and limit its liability as a consequence of advertising, Eastern Michigan University reserves the right to determine the nature and scope of advertising about the University, who may advertise and what they may advertise in EMU publications or on EMU venues.



OUTBOUND ADVERTISING - All advertising by University departments, except classified advertising for employment, must be approved by University Marketing prior to placement. Departments must follow all University regulations regarding the purchasing of goods and services.

INBOUND ADVERTISING, SPONSORSHIPS, ENDORSEMENTS - The University recognizes that many of its activities provide potential sources of revenue through legitimate and worthwhile opportunities for advertising, sponsorships and promotion of entities and their products and services.

EMU produces a variety of publications and maintains other venues for advertising. Certain publications/venues are more appropriate for advertising than others. As a general rule, advertising in/on alumni publications, event publications, sports venues and promotional products and giveaways (with licensing approval) is appropriate. Advertising in student recruitment literature, WWW pages, academic materials and official publications such as the graduate and undergraduate catalog is inappropriate.

Individuals and/or departments seeking to sell space or enter into financial sponsorships of publications/other venues must have prior approval from the University Marketing and Communications office. Sale of advertising, sponsorships and/or endorsements in/on athletic publications, activities, events and venues must be approved by the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. The Vice President of Student Affairs is responsible for approving the sale of advertising, sponsorships and/or endorsements by registered student organizations. Departments must follow all University regulations regarding the purchasing of goods and services. Products that are co-branded with University marks must have licensing approval.

No official University publication or statement and no activity carried out in the name of the University or by any individual officially acting on behalf of the University shall constitute or be construed as a University endorsement of any commercial product or service. Further, sponsorship and advertising consistent with this policy are not intended and shall not be deemed to constitute the University's endorsement of related commercial products or services.



The Executive Director for University Marketing and Communications, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Vice President for Student Affairs are responsible for management of this policy.



The policy applies to all University employees and external vendors who have advertising/sponsorship contracts with the University. WEMU and Student Media publishing under the guidelines of the University Student Media Board are exempt from this policy.


Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents, December 2, 2003, para. .6194M.