Eastern Michigan University Seal

Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Powers and Limitations of the Regents

Chapter No. 1.8

Issue: Provisions for Appeal to the Board of Regents

Effective Date: 8-19-1970

The constitutional and statutory provisions constitute the Board of Regents as the ultimate managing authority of the University and as such the Board may consider appeals from faculty members, administrative personnel, other employees and students as to the findings or holdings of any University judicial body, grievance or tenure committee, supervisory authority or similarly situated group or individual. (The procedure for appeals by students is provided in the Student Conduct Code). Such appeals shall in all cases be made to the board through the President who shall present the request for an appeal within a reasonable time to the Secretary of the Board with recommendations or comments as he may deem appropriate. In the event the Board or a member of the Board shall receive a direct request for an appeal it shall be the regular procedure of the Board to refer said request for an appeal to the President for his recommendations or comments before making any determination regarding said appeal. An appellant shall be required to follow and complete any pre-established administrative procedure before the Board shall give any consideration to the appeal.

The granting of appeals to the Board of Regents shall be discretionary with the Board. There shall be no appeal or hearing before the Board as a matter of right and the Board may refuse to consider an appeal without comment. Any such refusal by the Board to hear an appeal shall be considered to give full force and effect to the previous determinations in the matter at issue.


Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents, August 19, 1970; para. .920M.