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Chapter Name: Academic Programs and Requirements

Chapter No.

Issue: Individual Drops and Withdrawals

Effective Date: 10-18-78

Revision Date: 12-15-17


Drops and/or withdrawals from individual courses are permitted according to the following schedule for all courses taught as full-semester sections during all semesters (fall, winter and summer):


First Eight Days

Any drop in the student's enrollment occurring during this period is accomplished through the regular registration adjustment system. Such drops are not recorded on the student's permanent academic transcript.


Ninth Day through Tenth Week

All student-initiated withdrawals are accepted automatically and recorded as "W" grades during this period.  These withdrawals may be processed through the registration system or by submitting a withdrawal form to the Office of Records and Registration.


After Tenth Week - Until last Day of Classes Preceding Final Exam Period

During this period, individual withdrawals are not automatically granted. A Late Withdrawal (resulting in a "W" grade) may be granted only if students have specific extenuating circumstances that clearly prevented them from completing the course(s) in which they are enrolled and which prevented them from withdrawing by the tenth week of the course. Students must provide original, verifiable documentation of these circumstances along with their request to withdraw.

The decision on awarding the "W" will be made by the Provost or his/her designee. Students should not stop attending class until they have received official notice that their requested withdrawal has been approved. If the application for administrative/late withdrawal is denied and the student fails to complete the work of the course successfully, an appropriate grade (reflecting any incomplete work and/or absences from class) will be recorded by the instructor.

*Appropriate dates for parts of term which do not meet the full 15 weeks of a semester will be publicly posted and available to students.


Additional Notes

When withdrawal from the class brings the student's academic load below the minimum number of hours necessary to qualify as a full-time student for University housing, scholarship aid, student loans, or any other benefit he or she enjoys for which academic enrollment was a prerequisite, the University may at its option take any or all of the following steps:

1. Cancel the benefits as of that date
2. Declare the student ineligible for present and/or any future benefits of a similar nature

Withdrawal from the student's last/only enrolled course must be submitted to the Office of Records and Registration and cannot be accomplished through the online registration system.


The Provost shall be responsible for establishing and making publicly available procedures to support this policy. The Provost and Registrar shall be jointly responsible to establish specific deadlines for regular and non-traditional terms and to make these dates publicly available to students.

Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents, September 20, 2011
Minutes of the Board of Regents, February 19, 2013
Minutes of the Board of Regents, December 15, 2017