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Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Admission and Financial Aid

Chapter No. 7.3

Issue: Enrollment Innovation and Growth

Effective Date: 6-19-2012



Eastern Michigan University has created the enrollment innovation and growth plan in order to provide direction for the University to grow student credit hours and thrive by supporting students from admissions to graduate via a highly innovative, responsive, and student-centric admissions process to an affordable and active educational pathway supportive of their successful degree completion.  This also welcomes Eastern alumni and their children to come home to Michigan with a legacy award for an in-state tuition differential grant.

Eastern Michigan University continues a commitment to supporting community college transfers and their institutions as well as providing a global and innovative educational environment that embraces international initiatives and leading-edge technology-enabled learning platforms.



This will establish a new award to welcome home Eastern alumni to the Eastern family and to come home to Michigan. Eastern Michigan alumni and their children (including step or adopted children) will receive a tuition differential award for the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition. Come home to the Eastern family and back to Michigan again! This initiative builds upon efforts of the Governor and the MEDC to bring Michigan’s legacy of talent back to our state. This award echoes the VET CONNECT tuition differential award for the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition approved on October 20, 2009 for in-state tuition for any non-resident veterans who have been honorably discharged or medically separated from service with at least one year of service.

EASTERN’S “FOR YOU” ADMISSIONS – The Office of Admissions will enhance and streamline the student admissions process directly aimed at providing highly responsive and simplified admissions for all students – whether first-time, transfer, or graduate – and ensure a quick and timely response focused on the needs of the student. Also, Eastern Michigan undergraduate students seeking to add to their outstanding Eastern Michigan education through pursuit of a graduate degree at Eastern will be supported by a specialized application process that further streamlines the process and timeliness of their admissions decision. In addition, other qualified graduates of Michigan universities should be supported by a process that streamlines the process and timeliness of their admissions decision. Additionally, the use of the Common Application will be evaluated as a means to enhance and extend admissions access and responsiveness to additional students seeking the quality and relevance of an Eastern Michigan undergraduate degree.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE PARTNERSHIPS AND TRANSFER STUDENTS – Eastern Michigan will continue its strong commitment to support four year degrees for transfer students and their goal of an affordable degree that maximizes the education received and credits earned at our partner community colleges. This will further support and encourage Eastern Michigan’s dedicated and broad-based collaboration with community colleges including articulation agreements that support transfer students entering Eastern with 84-92 credits fully transferable toward their Eastern degree.

ONLINE AND INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS – We will expand and open Eastern to students from around the world inviting them to live and learn on our campus and to provide pioneering, innovative, and technology-enabled learning platforms that extend access to a quality Eastern education beyond the physical classroom, spanning time-zone and geographic boundaries, and recognizing the complex demands on the modern student as they juggle their personal and professional lives while in pursuit of their educational goals.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMS – Eastern will create new academic programs (example would be the Physician Assistant program) to meet Michigan societal needs and increase capacity in existing programs to meet high market demand (examples of such high-demand programs would be the BSN in Nursing and the MS in Speech Pathology). Eastern seeks to serve our students and our State by offering sustainable degree programs responsive to market demand.



Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents: June 19, 2012