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Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Marketing, Communications, Printing and Reprographics, Copyright, Advertising, Licensing and World Wide Web

Chapter No. 4.3

Issue: Printing and Reprographics

Effective Date: 12-2-03


University Publications exists to provide printing, reprographic, design and collateral publishing services to the EMU community and to obtain copyright permission from publishers to reproduce custom professor compiled course packs for classroom use.  All University or University-related printing, reprographic, design and collateral publishing services that are to be purchased with University funds or University administered accounts are handled by University Publications.  University stationery or business cards or other official University trademarks or documents may be used for academic and professional activities which are related to an employee’s or faculty member’s University employment.  However, use of University stationery or business cards or other University trademarks or documents to further an individual’s private business interests or to express political or personal viewpoints is expressly forbidden. 


Requests for printing, reprographics, design and collateral publishing services are submitted to University Publications along with an approved and properly completed University requisition.  University Publications will provide for requested services or will prepare and submit to the University Purchasing Office a bid for the purchase of such services.  University Publications is the designated vendor for reprographics.  In the event the department is unable to handle a request, it may authorize departments to submit material directly to University-approved vendors.  All material, except for the following, must be approved in advance by University Marketing:

University Publications manages the cost-per-copy program.  All requests for copy machines are administered through University Publications.


The Executive Director for University Marketing and Communications is responsible for administering this policy.


This policy applies to all university employees.

Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents, December 2, 2003: para. .6194M.