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Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Information Technology

Chapter No. 15.2

Issue: Information Technology Security and Confidentiality

Effective Date: 9-17-96

Revision Date: 11-30-04


Information technology resources are provided by the University to its students, faculty, staff and administration in support of the University's mission and are deemed to be critical infrastructure of the University.  Information technology resources include the following:  all University communication and data networks, access to and use of, the internet and other outside networks, the University Websites financial and record systems, electronic mail systems, course management and development systems, conferencing, the University Web Portal and all related infrastructure, interactive transactional systems for carrying out the business and mission of the University, and all related infrastructure, as well as all attached or related devices, peripherals, media, Web pages and related resources, software and components.  Institutional data are University resources whose value is maximized through widespread and appropriate use of information technology resources, with due adherence to requirements of confidentiality, privacy and security. 



University procedures and regulations are and shall be established which govern acceptable uses of University information technology resources and institutional data under this policy.  These procedures and regulations shall be reviewed periodically. 



The Chief Information Officer shall be responsible for ensuring proper implementation of this policy.



This policy applies to all users of information technology resources, including users of any device; workstation; personal computer; campus or local area network; wireless device or network; mini- or mainframe computer; voice, data and video communication equipment; related peripherals, components and software connected functionally or physically to University networks; and connected regional, national and international networks, including the Internet. 

Critical infrastructure is that which is essential to the minimum operation of the University. Institutional data include all data and communications required to support the operation of the University as well as all personal data held by the University regarding its students and employees.  Institutional data do not include personal records or scholarly information.  The University maintains both computerized and manual data resources to support its operation.  The University treats all institutional data resources with equal consideration, regardless of the media on which the information is stored and the methods by which they are transmitted or accessed. This policy statement, however, is specifically directed toward institutional data in computerized systems. 



Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents: September 17, 1996, para. .5143M.
November 30, 2004, para. .6345M.