Eastern Michigan University Seal

Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Auxiliary Operations

Chapter No. 14.2.1

Issue: Residence Hall Eligibility

Effective Date: 4-19-72

Revision Date: 12-2-03



All first-year unmarried students shall be required to live in University residence halls, contingent on space availability.  Sophomore students may be required to live on campus as well, space permitting.  Exceptions may be granted to students who are:

         a. commuting from the permanent home of their parents/guardian;

         b. 21 years of age or older; or

         c. veterans who have served on active duty. 

All students living in University residence halls assume responsibility for their own hours. 



Occupancy in a University residence hall is restricted to currently enrolled students at Eastern Michigan University.  Occupants other than currently enrolled Eastern students are allowed on an exception basis.  However, priority will be maintained for current Eastern students.  Each resident agrees to make the designated prepayment and agrees to the payment of fees as established for the term(s) of occupancy according to the current payment schedule.  Additionally, the residents are responsible for compliance with all terms and conditions set forth in the contract and the Residence Hall Handbook. 



Housing management staff members are responsible for implementing this policy and for granting waivers in a fair and consistent manner within policy guidelines.



This policy shall apply to first-year and sophomore students. 



Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents: April 19, 1972, para. .1097M.
December 2, 2003, para. .6201M