Eastern Michigan University Seal

Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Auxiliary Operations

Chapter No. 14.7

Issue: Sale of Commercial Products

Effective Date: 3-18-70

Revision Date: 6-15-04



Commercial products may be sold only at approved outlets under the jurisdiction of Eastern Michigan University.  Sale or distribution of products shall be limited to products that are not inconsistent or in conflict with the primary purposes, aims and policies of the University and are not violations of any local, state or federal law, provided that there is or is established a substantial demand for such products. 



The University will not sell or allow to be sold by authorized vendors/lessors products which are obscene under the law, or which may be defamatory to the character of students, faculty, staff or administration; do not have appropriate licensed University marks; are in violation of University rules and regulations, or which may encourage violation of University rules and regulations; are in violation of the terms and conditions of any existing contract with an outside vendor. 

If the manager of sales activity has reason to believe any item, either being sold or proposed to be sold, is obscene or contains defamatory material, the manager will submit the item to the appropriate divisional head for a determination of action. 

Sales outlets are authorized by the appropriate divisional head. 



The appropriate divisional head has responsibility for implementing this policy.



This policy applies to all sales outlets. 


Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents: March 18, 1970, para. .863M.
June 15, 2004, para. .6286M