Eastern Michigan University Seal

Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Tuition, Fees, Fines, Deposits and Refunds

Chapter No. 12.1.5

Issue: Fees Subject To Revision

Effective Date: 7-5-72

Revision Date: 3-21-95



All University fees and assessments are subject to change by action of the Board of Regents. 

It shall be the duty of all students prior to registration, if there are any questions as to their right to be registered as a student with a status of Michigan resident, to raise such questions in the Student Accounting Office in Briggs Hall. 

In determining tuition assessments, both activity and academic hours are counted.  Rates for auditing courses are the same as for credit. 

Regardless of student class level t undergraduate tuition will be assessed for all 100-400 level courses.  Graduate tuition will be assessed for all 500-600 level courses. 

(University fees are established annually in determining the University budget policy.  Before quoting or citing these rates, inquiry should be made to insure their authenticity. 


Authority for Creation or Revision:


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