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Policies, Rules and Regulations

Chapter Name: Business and Financial Operations

Chapter No. 11.4.2

Issue: Use Of Motor Pool Vehicles

Effective Date: 12-18-85


Vehicles provided by the Motor Pool are for use only by University personnel in the conduct of official University business and of University sponsored activities. 

Use of a vehicle by a student for authorized student activities is approved by the chief student personnel officer. 

Use of a vehicle by a student for instructional purposes is approved by the department head. 

Use of vehicles for other than University business is prohibited 

Departments of the University are charged for the use of Motor Pool vehicles, and drivers when required. 


Assignment of vehicles on either a permanent or trip basis 

Permanent assignment is interpreted to mean that the work responsibilities of the employee or department are not confined to an office or to normal working hours and require the employee(s) to be mobile, both on and off campus.  Permanent assignment may be for a defined or an indefinite period of time, but subject to annual review. 

Permanent assignment also may be a condition of employment on authority of the chairman of the Board of Regents. 

Trip assignment is interpreted to mean that work responsibilities of the employee require an occasional off-campus trip. 



Vehicles are not to be used-for transportation to and from the employee's home except: 

  1. When permanent assignment is a condition of employment. 
  2. A major responsibility of the employee is off-campus and he or she generally leaves directly from and returns directly to his or her home.
  3. The employee's responsibilities require 24 hour per day call for the health and safety of people and property for which no added compensation is given. 
  4. On a trip basis, an employee leaving prior to 8 a.m. and returning after 5 p.m. may retain a University vehicle at his or her home, providing the vehicle is available.

An employee with a permanently assigned vehicle may not sub-assign the vehicle. 

An employee with a permanently assigned vehicle who is on annual leave, leave of absence or extended sick leave, must return the vehicle to the University Motor Pool during these periods. 

The charge to a department for use of a Motor Pool vehicle on a trip basis is calculated on a predetermined mileage rate, with a minimum charge for 50 miles. 

A late charge is made for a vehicle returned more than 1/2 hour after its scheduled return.  

Authority for Creation or Revision:

Minutes of the Board of Regents, December 18, 1985, para. .3211M.