Eastern Michigan University
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 Faculty & Full-time Lecturers


Jeffrey Bernstein, Professor                                      Barbara Patrick, Associate Professor         

Arnold Fleischmann, Professor                                Gregory Plagens, Associate Professor

Beth Henschen, Assistant Professor                       Barry Pyle, Professor

Dave Ivers, Full-time Lecturer                                    Raymond Rosenfeld, Professor

David Klein, Professor &  Department Head           Edward Sidlow, Professor

Volker Krause, Professor                                             Nitya Singh, Associate Professor

Judith Kullberg, Professor                                           Ebrahim Soltani, Assistant Professor

Adrian Lottie, Associate Professor                             Richard Stahler-Sholk, Professor

Tucker Staley, Assistant Professor

Faculty by Areas of Expertise

Part-time Lecturers

Ishan Joshi

John Liu

Mark Maironis

David Reynolds

Bill Richards

Connor Sutton


Graduate Assistants

Cameron Armstrong

Heather Charles

Yvonne Cudney

Colleen Klus-Salisbury

Andrea Martinovska

MPA Coordinator

                                                             Rose Jindal

  Co-curricular Activities: the department sponsors award-winning

       Mock Trial, Moot Court, and Model United Nations teams; study

        abroad programs in India, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Cuba;

         and "Civil Rights Tour" and "Becoming Jewish in America" U.S.

         travel courses.

Internships: an average of 40 annually during the past five years

       with government agencies, nonprofits, campaigns, consulates,

       and other organizations (including the White House in fall 2011

       and the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo in summer 2013).

Alumni Teaching Excellence Awards: Bernstein, Longworth, Ohren,

       Rosenfeld, Sidlow.

Collins Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award: Pyle.

Collins Distinguished Faculty Service Award: Stahler-Sholk