Eastern Michigan University
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 Faculty & Full-time Lecturers


Jeffrey Bernstein, Professor                                     Barbara Patrick, Associate Professor         

Arnold Fleischmann, Professor                                Gregory Plagens, Associate Professor

Beth Henschen, Assistant Professor                        Barry Pyle, Professor

Dave Ivers, Full-time Lecturer                                   Raymond Rosenfeld, Professor

David Klein, Professor &  Department Head             Edward Sidlow, Professor

Volker Krause, Professor                                           Nitya Singh, Associate Professor

Judith Kullberg, Professor                                          Ebrahim Soltani, Assistant Professor

Adrian Lottie, Associate Professor                             Richard Stahler-Sholk, Professor

  Tucker Staley, Assistant Professor

Faculty by Areas of Expertise

Part-time Lecturers

Mark Maironis

Frank Moran

Laura Pipis

David Reynolds

Bill Richards

John Seto

Connor Sutton


Graduate Assistants

Cameron Armstrong

Colleen Klus-Salisbury

Marcus Lawniczak

Andrea Martinovska

Johnna Thompson

MPA Coordinator

                                                                                Rose Jindal

  Co-curricular Activities: the department sponsors award-winning Mock Trial, Moot Court, and Model United Nations teams; study abroad programs in Russia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Cuba; and "Civil Rights Tour" and "Becoming Jewish in America" U.S. travel courses.

Internships: dozens annually with government agencies, nonprofits, campaigns, consulates, and other organizations (including congressional offices, the White House, and the United Nations).

Alumni Teaching Excellence Awards: Bernstein, Rosenfeld, Sidlow.

Collins Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award: Pyle.

Collins Distinguished Faculty Service Award: Stahler-Sholk