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Students should keep several things in mind when deciding whether to do an internship. First, you must decide if you can fit it in your schedule. A typical 3 credit hour internship takes up about 15 hours a week of your time. Also, you should have a good idea of what exactly you are looking for in terms of what career you would like to pursue or experience you would like to have. For example, if you are interested in pursuing a career in urban planning then interning for a law office might not be all that helpful. Do not simply take any internship opportunity; it is well worth it to take your time and explore many options before deciding on a particular internship.

Beyond career explorations an internship may provide an opportunity to experience grassroots politics, particularly during election seasons, but also through many non-profit community organizing groups.

The contacts on this site have been organized by area of interest, as seen in the table of contents at the left. In addition the State of Michigan has a new web page with information: Michigan Interns.

Another helpful site is Intern in Michigan, which is an online matchmaking site for Michigan's college students and employers a Web site that links students looking for summer jobs with employers looking for summer help.

Another great resources for students is Idealist. Please look under the "volunteer" and "internship" section of the site.

Students should feel free to find other internship placements beyond those listed on the web site, but you should discuss these with Dr. Rosenfeld and obtain his approval.

Now is the time to begin to think seriously about doing an internship during the Winter 2011 semester. We have a record number of students in internships during the spring and summer terms, and they are busy preparing themselves for great jobs after graduation. When I asked them why there were so many doing internships this year in particular, the overwhelming response was to prepare themselves for jobs when the economy begins to recover! While the current job market in Michigan is simply terrible, our local governments and nonprofit agencies are wonderfully receptive to hosting interns and giving them meaningful assignments!

This semester your fellow students are interning at:

The Midwest Strategy Group (lobbying firm in Lansing)University of Michigan's Office of DevelopmentMichigan Coalition for Human RightsWashtenaw County Public Defender's OfficeFirst Step: Western and Downriver Wayne County Project on Domestic and Sexual Violence52nd and 14B District CourtsCity of Royal Oak, City Manager's OfficeSouthfield Police DepartmentAugust Township Fire DepartmentYpsilanti Depot Town CDC Michigan House of RepresentativesToledo Museum of Art Wayne State University's Center for Peace and Conflict StudiesWashtenaw County Community Development OfficeCity of Westland, Office of the Mayor

This should give you some idea about how many different kinds of internships are possible: administrative, lobbying, courts, public defenders, public safety, and many different kinds of nonprofits. Also, if you are in the American Humanics Program, you can receive academic credit for your required internship.

If you are interested in an internship for an upcoming semester, email me with your interest, and we can set up an advising appointment.

Dr. Rosenfeld.