Eastern Michigan University
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Like most universities, EMU does not offer a major in "pre-law." Law school admissions committees do not have a preferred major or minor, so you should pick ones that interest you. Pre-law students may choose from a broad range of majors and minors, including Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Psychology, History, Marketing, and more.

The two most important aspects admissions committees look for when reviewing law school applications are your grade point average (GPA) and your results of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). In addition, most admissions committees emphasize the importance of a broad academic background and the development of analytical and communication skills.

While extracurricular activities are not as important as your GPA or LSAT score for admission, they can help to show leadership and time management. However, you should never sacrifice your grades for extracurricular activities.

American Bar Association (ABA) has a list of all nationally accredited law schools with important information and useful links. Other information is available from the Law School Admission Council.