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Study Abroad with the Political Science Department

Poverty, Human Rights, and Health

Our premier program is a two-course sequence that provides a solid academic foundation in a regular class, followed by a field experience. The first course is PLSC 390: Poverty, Human Rights, and Health. This course is taught during winter semester and satisfies Area III of the General Education requirements (Global Awareness).

The follow-up course, PLSC 391 (Field Study: Global Experience – Poverty, Human Rights, and Health), is scheduled during spring semester. It satisfies Group 5 (International and Multicultural Experience) of the Learning Beyond the Classroom General Education requirement. Students who take PLSC 390 do not have to take PLSC 391. However, PLSC 390 is a prerequisite to enrolling in PLSC 391.

PLSC 391 has traditionally consisted of 15 days in El Salvador, including home stays and visits to rural villages organized through the SHARE Foundation. Plans are currently underway, however, to visit both El Salvador and Cuba during spring 2012. For more information on these plans, check our web site or contact Professor Richard Stahler-Sholk.

Future Developments

We are currently working on several exciting opportunities to broaden study abroad through the department. These include two new programs. One of these is slated for India. The other is planned for Canada. We are setting the foundation for this program by offering Canadian Politics (PLSC 354) in winter 2012 for the first time in several years. This will become a regular winter offering. It will be followed in spring 2013 by a study abroad in Ottawa, which will allow students to observe a parliamentary political system in program that is more affordable than going to Europe.

We also have begun raising funds for a Study Abroad Scholarship. We expect the first $5,000 to be in hand by the end of 2011. After the total reaches $10,000, we can start awarding the earnings from this endowment to help students with program-related expenses in any EMU-approved study abroad. That means that the money could be used for things other in addition to tuition, fees, and books. Plus, the program could be one run by EMU or any other program approved by EMU Academic Programs Abroad, which allows you to select a wider range of locations and times to study in another country. Finally, you or someone you know can donate to this scholarship through the EMU Foundation.

The Department of Political Science is part of the College of Arts & Sciences, 214 Pray-Harrold, 734.487.4344