Advance your career with the MPA at EMU

The Master of Public Administration Program at Eastern Michigan University offers a professional degree grounded in applied social sciences that prepares students for leadership roles and careers in public and nonprofit organizations by providing the knowledge and tools to address complex and diverse public service needs.

The MPA program at EMU is fully accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA). Learn more about our accrediting body.

  • Why earn the MPA?

    This professional degree prepares students for leadership roles in public service. Our graduates work in all sectors, including local government, nonprofit organizations, healthcare organizations, public safety, higher education, state government, federal government and private sector. Learn more about how the MPA has impacted our alumni.
  • Degree Information

    Courses for the MPA are classroom based, although some instructors opt to conduct some components of classes online through threaded discussions. The program cannot be completed fully online. Courses are taught on the main campus in Ypsilanti. This program is offered in the Political Science Department, which is part of the College of Arts and Sciences.

    The minimum number of credit hours required to complete the degree is 36 (39 for pre-service students completing an internship). All students complete 21 credit hours of required courses and then select among electives in the department and across campus to meet the remaining requirements. The program requires 12 courses. Students who take a full-time course load (typically 3 courses per semester) can finish the program in 2 years. Most of our students take on a part-time course load (1-2 courses per semester) and can finish in 3-5 years.

    The program offers students three ways to customize their educational experience. Students can specialize in local government management or nonprofit administration or construct a set of electives that prepares them for whatever niche of public service is attractive to them. The program has established working relationships with many graduate programs on campus to give students the opportunity for interdisciplinary study.

    In Fall 2023, 18 students enrolled in the MPA program.

  • Estimated Cost of Degree

    Prospective and current students may use EMU's Tuition and Fees Calculator to estimate costs.

    As of September 2023, based on current tuition and fee levels, the cost of an MPA degree at EMU is estimated to be the following:

    Michigan Resident: $34,516.00 (Based on 36 on-campus credits at the 500-699 level)
    Out-of-State Resident, Non-U.S. Resident: $59,779.00 (Based on 36 on-campus credits at the 500-699 level)

  • Assistantships and Scholarships

    Graduate Assistantships

    Graduate assistantships are available on a competitive basis to MPA students through the Political Science Department. Graduate assistants support faculty members in instructional, research, service and administrative projects.

    Applications for graduate assistantships in the Political Science Department open in February for awards for the following academic year. Placements are also available outside the department with other University offices.

    Go to Graduate School website for more information on graduate assistantships. To apply for graduate assistantships and other jobs on campus, please visit the EMU Jobs Website.


    Scholarships and fellowships are available to graduate students through Eastern Michigan University, the Graduate School, the College of Arts & Sciences, and the Political Science Department.

  • MPA Faculty

    The MPA Program at EMU is taught by five faculty members and lecturers. Information about 2023-24 faculty members is found below. 



    • Kevin Welch
    • Stephanie Zorn-Kasprzak
  • Public Administration Committee

    The Public Administration Committee plays the most important role in program governance.

    Public Administration Committee Members

Additional Information

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