Master of Science in Computer Science

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Enroll yourself in a robust, multidisciplinary graduate program. Learn the ins and outs of developing new computer trends, how to stay on the cutting edge and apply a variety of applications. Work hand-in-hand with industry leaders in the field and gain in-depth knowledge to advance your career.

Make yourself indispensable by studying a field critical to individual and organizational success. Enroll in the Master of Science in Computer Science program and dedicate yourself to studies on foundation, technical and applied professional knowledge.

College and Career
A M.S. in computer science puts you in position for promotion and a significant pay increase. According to Forbes Magazine, the mid-career median pay for someone with this degree is $109,000 and the projected employment increase is 27%. Common jobs you would be eligible for include software developer, software architect and software engineer.

Admission Requirements

  • Have at least 18 hours of 200-level (or above) computer science courses, including data structures, programming languages, computer organization, operating systems and competency in high-level programming language such as C, C++ or Java; a major in computer science is preferred. You must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in computer coursework.
  • Have completed courses in discrete mathematics, probability and statistics, linear algebra and calculus (two semesters)
  • Meet admission requirements for the Graduate School
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