Psychology Advising

The Psychology Department offers several methods of receiving advising. The following is a list of places you can go for advising, depending on your questions.

General Education Requirements and Information

The Francine Parker Advising Center is an excellent resource for College of Arts and Sciences students who need general advising or assistance with general education requirements or learning beyond the classroom.

120 Student Center | 734.487.4599

The Francine Parker Advising Center (College of Arts & Sciences Advising) will offer virtual drop-in advising weekly 9/15-12/9 Tues. and Wed. 9-11 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. Students can connect via zoom during the specific times. 

Drop -in advising is limited to the following topics: 

  • Add or drop an individual course
  • Troubleshooting registration errors
  • General education questions
  • Pre-or Co-Requisite questions
  • Follow-up on Starfish concern
  • Look on the Website 

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    The checklist [PDF] andflowchart available on our website give you all the information you need to know about the requirements for the major in psychology. (There is a similar sheet for the minor in psychology). The only tricky part is that you must complete your math prerequisites before taking PSY 205. You must complete PSY 205 before you take PSY 301W. You also must complete PSY 301W before taking your last three classes in psychology.

    There is also a document provided in this section called "Advising at EMU and About Psychology." This helpful document may answer many of your questions about the major/minor and psychology in general.

  • Undergraduate Psychology Advising Service

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    The Undergraduate Psychology Advising Service (UPAS) functions under the auspices of the Department of Psychology. A Psychology Department faculty member serves as advisor to undergraduate volunteers who are trained to provide academic advising services to peers. Volunteers devote a minimum of two scheduled hours per week to the UPAS office. Because demand for advising builds as registration for ensuing terms approaches, the UPAS office is open on a part-time basis until approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of registration each term when it is open as much as possible.

    The main need for advising seems to involve course selection; thus, this area is the one addressed most often. Here, advisors offer resources and advice to psychology majors and minors. Advisors assist psychology majors in selecting a minor and general electives. Because it appears that many students can profit from increasing their knowledge of the discipline, advisors help advisees appreciate that the bachelor's in psychology is a liberal arts degree and identify sources of information such as web sites and publications. Advisors provide information and resources for decisions bearing on post-baccalaureate placement and encourage students to begin planning as soon as possible for the long-term. Please contact the Psychology Office or the UPAS email address for hours of operation and for information on volunteering.

    • Undergraduate Psychology Advising Service
    • 360 Mark Jefferson Science Complex
    • Operates during fall and winter semesters only

    Undergraduate Psychology Advising Services (UPAS) Application [PDF]

  • Email Simple Questions

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    The email address is [email protected] and is monitored by a faculty member, the department head and the office secretary. You should receive a response within 24 hours.
  • Come to Psychology Club Meetings

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    The Psychology Club meets regularly each semester. They frequently host meetings on how to register for classes and the psychology major and how to get into graduate school. This club is a good way to network with fellow psychology students, meet faculty, and find out about opportunities available in the department.
  • Visit a Faculty Member

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    If you have questions about career paths, graduate school, etc., you might want to talk with a faculty member. Faculty members have regularly scheduled office hours during the week in which they can meet for advising. These hours are posted in the psychology office. To ensure that the faculty person is available, we suggest that you call or email the person in advance to let them know you would like to get advising from them during their office hours and then schedule a specific time to meet.

    Office hours are posted on the home page of the department website each term.

    Fall 2021 Psychology Undergraduate Advising [PDF]

    Advising Calendar Appointment

  • Getting Research Experience

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  • Additional Resources

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