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Eating and Addictive Behaviors Lab

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Ongoing Research

Currently, we are working on projects that collectively aim to advance our understanding of the extent to which forms of disordered eating constitute addictive behavior, how such behavior is comorbid with other addictive behaviors, and how physical activity may aid in overcoming such difficulties.  We are working to develop a rapid screener for a range of addictive behaviors so that we can better understand how such behaviors interact.  We are collecting data on a range of addictive behaviors in a substance abuse treatment setting and a bariatric treatment center.  We aim to better understand the unique and shared risk factors for a broad range of addictive behaviors. We aim to understand which behaviors are truly addictive in nature, and which may be better conceptualized simply as excessive behaviors. Finally, the degree to which addictive behaviors are substitutable or change over time is a current focus