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Associate Professor, Coordinator of General Clinical Master’s Program


361F Science Complex


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Catherine C. Peterson earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from The George Washington University in 2003 with an emphasis in child health psychology. She completed fellowship training in pediatric psychology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Case Western Reserve University/Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. Prior to coming to EMU, she held faculty positions in departments of pediatrics and psychology at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on the study of the psychosocial and neurodevelopmental aspects of pediatric medical conditions. Her teaching interests and clinical work as a licensed clinical psychologist focus on cognitive assessment of all ages, but with a particular interest in assessment of children and adolescents.

Interests and Expertise

Dr. Peterson's research interests lie within the specialty of pediatric psychology, addressing the neurodevelopmental/neuropsychological sequelae and family psychosocial wellbeing associated with chronic medical conditions in childhood. Specifically, she has published on the neuropsychological sequelae of childhood cancer treatment and their associated psychological outcomes, including the impact on academic achievement, quality of life, family burden, and family intervention. Additionally, she has published on other pediatric medical populations, including type 1 diabetes, sickle cell disease, and recurrent pain. Currently, her research focuses primarily on the allergic diseases populations, such as food allergy and asthma.

Publications and Presentations

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