Eastern Michigan University
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Dennis J. Delprato


341J Science Complex


[email protected]


Ph.D. Michigan State University

M.S., Ohio University

B.A., Washington and Jefferson College

Interests and Expertise

Dennis is a native of southwestern Pennsylvania where he came to question authority and to identify pretenses of knowing such as found in many established cultural practices and intellectual circles. These traits led him to experimental psychology and eventually to radical naturalism and other distinctly non-main-stream work in philosophy and psychology. He aspires to be faithful to events and to communicate some of what is involved in discovering and evaluating event-based knowledge claims.

Selected Publications

Delprato, D. J. (2006). Converging movements in psychology. In B. D. Midgley & E. K. Morris (Eds.), Modern perspectives on J. R. Kantor and interbehaviorism (pp. 141-163). Reno, NV: Context Press.

Delprato, D. J. (2006). Commentary on Lickliter. In B. D. Midgley & E. K. Morris (Eds.), Modern perspectives on J. R. Kantor and interbehaviorism (pp. 197-204). Reno, NV: Context Press.

Delprato, D. J. (2005). Retroactive interference as a function of degree of interpolated study without overt retrieval practice. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 12, 345-349.

Sharpe, T. L., & Delprato, D. J. (2005). J. R. Kantor's interbehaviorism: Major contributions to the field. In M. Hersen & J. Rosqvist (Eds.), Encyclopedia of behavior modification and cognitive behavior therapy: Vol. 1. Adult clinical applications (pp. 346-353). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Delprato, D. J. (2003). J. R. Kantor’s interbehavioral psychology and humanism. Psychological Record,53, 3-14.

Delprato, D. J. (2003, May). The participative principle. The Interbehaviorist, 3-9. http://www.unr.edu/psych/behavior/iaba/

Delprato, D. J., & Brown, S. R. (2002). Q methodology and the operant construct. Operant Subjectivity, 25, 139-147.

Delprato, D. J. (2002). General psychology laboratory manual. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt.

Delprato, D. J. (2002). Countercontrol in behavior analysis. Behavior Analyst, 25, 191-200.

Delprato, D. J. (2001). Comparisons of discrete-trial and normalized behavioral language intervention for young children with autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 31, 315-325.

Courses Taught

PSY 301W Introduction to Experimental Psychology