Eastern Michigan University
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Heather C. Janisse

Associate Professor

Dr. Janisse 2018 361B Science Complex




Ph.D. Wayne State University
M.A. Wayne State University
B.S. Eastern Michigan University

Interests and Expertise

Dr. Janisse's general research interests include understanding the impact of the educational context and parent-child relationship on development of social, cognitive and health outcomes of at-risk youth. She has a specific focus on reducing health disparities among at-risk, minority children and works with the Head Start preschool population.
Her current research focuses on pediatric obesity intervention work with Head Start families with the goal of improving parent-child interactions and physical health outcomes for children. Dr. Janisse teaches Developmental Psychology and Child Psychology and is involved in both undergraduate and graduate training.

Current advisor to EMU's Psi Chi Organization.

Parents for Healthy Kids (PHK) Project Lab

Office: 352 Science, 734-487-1691.

Overview: Research in the PHK lab focuses on the healthy development of at-risk, minority children and families. We are currently working on a federally funded (NIH/NIDDK), randomized clinical trial of an obesity intervention for Detroit, Head Start preschool children. Our emphasis is on engaging parents, motivating families, and improving physical and mental health outcomes for parents and children in need. The lab actively involves undergraduate and graduate students working collaboratively to advance science and improve children's lives.

Selected Publications

Janisse, H.C. , Li, X., Bhavnagri, N., Esposito, C., & Stanton, B. (2018). A longitudinal study of the effect of computers on cognitive development of low-income, African American preschool children. Early Education and Development, 29(2), 229-244.

Harris, K., Huth-Bocks, A., Lauterbach, D. & Janisse, H. (2015). Trajectories of maternal depressive symptoms across the birth of a child: associations with toddler emotional development. Archives of Women's Mental Health. On-line first.

Janisse, H. C., Bhavnagri, N., Li, X., Butler, S. T., Stanton, B., & Johns, S. E. (2014). Impact of classroom computer availability on preschoolers’ social interactions. National Head Start Association: Dialog, 17(3), 16-34.

Janisse, H.C. (2014). Research to Practice Summary: Classroom computers and social interaction among low-income preschool children. National Head Start Association: Dialog.

Shen, B., Lee, T., Janisse, H., Brogan, K., & Jen, C. (2012). African-American preschoolers' physical activity levels in Head Start. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 83(2):168-74.

Janisse, H. C., Cakan, N., Ellis, D., & Brogan, K. (2011). Dietary Vitamin D Intake among High-Risk Adolescents with Insulin Dependent Diabetes. Diabetes Educator, 37(2), 222-226.

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Outlaw, A., Naar-King, S., Jeffrey T. Parsons, Ph.D., Green-Jones, M., Janisse, H., & Secord, E. (2010). Using motivational interviewing in HIV field outreach with young African American men who have sex with men:  A randomized clinical trial. American Journal of Public Health, 100(Suppl 1), S146-151.

Tanney, M. R. Naar-King, S., Murphy, D. A., Parsons, J. T.D., & Janisse, H. C. (2010). Multiple risk behaviors in a multi-site sample of youth living with HIV (YLH). Journal of Adolescent Health, 46(1), 11-16.

Outlaw, A., Naar-King, S., Green-Jones, M., Wright, Condon, Sherry, & Janisse, H. C. (2010). Predictors of Optimal HIV Appointment Adherence in Minority Youth:  A Prospective Study. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 35(9), 1011-1015.

Janisse, H. C., Barnett, D., & Nies, M. A. (2009). Perceived energy for parenting: A new conceptualization and scale. Journal of Child and Family Studies 18, 312–322.

Barnett, D., Clements, M., Kaplan-Estrin, M., McCaskill, J. W., Hill Hunt, K., Butler, C. M., & Janisse, H. C. (2006). Maternal resolution of child diagnosis: Stability and relations with child attachment across the toddler to preschooler transition. Journal of Family Psychology, 20(1), 100-107.

Janisse, H. C., Nedd, D., Escamilla, S., & Nies, M. A. (2004). Physical activity, social support, and family structure as determinants of mood among European American and African American women.  Women & Health, 39(1), 101-116.

Courses Taught

101 General Psychology
205 Quantitative Methods in Psychology
321 Child Psychology
640 Developmental Psychology